Weird Bug in iOS 15.2 Beta 2 Keeps Siri Going While Spelling a Word [VIDEO]

Yesterday, Apple released the iOS 15.2 Beta 2 update to developers for testing purposes. While the update brings some new features and improvements, a new bug has popped up that makes Siri go unstoppable while spelling a word.

According to a developer, via Reddit, Siri keeps on going while spelling a word even after the word has been spelled out. The developer posted a short video showing how Siri was affected by the bug and went unstoppable while attempting to spell a word. As you can see in the video, Siri keeps on going while spelling the word “intricate” and spells it as “I-N-T-R-I-C-A-T-E-T-N-N-O-R-M-A-L.” Several other users have also reported having this issue on the new iOS 15.2 beta 2.

iOS 15.2 Beta 2 Bug in Siri Possibly Reads Code for a New Line

While looking at what Siri does when spelling a word, it appears like the voice assistant reads something that sounds like “tn” after spelling the word and then follows it with the word “normal.” A Reddit user notes that the data it might be trying to interpret is “intricate \n normal,” where \n represents the code to denote a new line. So, as a guess, Siri first spells out the word from the first line and then spells “tn.” It then spells “normal,” which could be the type of information it shows on-screen (normal v.s. extended / thumbnail / some other format. However, it could also be “the speed at which Siri should spell it out (normal, fast, or slow),” said the user.

Note that these are just the assumptions, and the issue could be somewhere else in the code of iOS 15.2 beta 2. We can only hope that Apple fixes this bizarre bug in its next beta update.

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