ChargePoint Adds Android Auto Support for Finding Nearby EV Chargers

Electric vehicles (EVs) have begun to take over traditional fuel-based cars, but finding an EV charging point is not easy. Charging networks are a huge priority as the demand for EVs is gradually increasing. ChargePoint, a leading and one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe and the United States, has now added support for Google’s Android Auto platform. This will now allow the Android Auto users to find a nearby EV charger from ChargePoint.

Although Tesla doesn’t use Android Auto, and anyway the automaker has its own charging network. But the Android Auto platform is used by many other automakers in their electric vehicles (EVs), which includes the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Now, all these Android Auto-powered vehicles can access ChargePoint directly from their car’s dashboard infotainment head unit and locate a nearby charging station. This is much better than using your phone to locate a nearby EV charging station, which could be potentially dangerous.

ChargePoint is Now Available on Android Auto

ChargePoint Adds Android Auto Support for Finding Nearby EV Chargers

In November 2020, ChargePoint made its debut on Apple CarPlay, and now, this integration with Android Auto comes just a few months after. Both the apps, ie. for iOS users as well as Android users, work identically. With the Android Auto version of the app, you can view a map of nearby charging stations, see their status, start a charging session, and more. You can also filter stations based on speed, availability, and cost, and their compatibility with a specific EV.

ChargePoint has now come to Android Auto and is available on all EVs using Google’s platform. This will be of much help to drivers who currently use their phones to locate a charging station.

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