Another Leak comes out of a cheaper OnePlus Wireless Earbuds with ANC

A cheaper version of Buds Pro is coming from OnePlus.

The Chinese sub-brand of OPPO has recently launched a pair of OnePlus wireless earbuds called ‘OnePlus Buds Pro’ that offers a great sound listening experience with a nice design overhaul to other existing TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds available in the market at a similar price range. Although the Buds Pro is quite expensive when it comes to other brands with similar kinds of features. Now, it seems that those who’re looking for the cheaper version of the OnePlus Buds Pro may soon see some sort of Mini/Lite version of Wireless Earbuds with ANC, according to leaks.

Why a cheaper OnePlus Wireless Earbuds with ANC?

Recently, Max Jambor has mentioned on Twitter that OnePlus is working on a cheaper version of the Buds Pro with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature that can be considered as a Lite version whatsoever. Obviously, it’ll be priced at a lower range or budget range so that budget-friendly users can get in. The current OnePlus Buds Pro costs around $149 which isn’t suitable for everyone for sure when it comes to TWS earbuds.

However, users and critics are happy with the sound quality, design, and battery backup of the Buds Pro from OnePlus. That’s why it’ll be interesting to see what the Lite/Mini version of the earbuds will put on the table with ANC at a much cheaper price range. There is no official announcement or reports available right now and we don’t know about the expected pricing too.

One thing we should mention is that if the Lite/Mini version will come up with a cheaper price tag then we can expect that there will be a cost-cutting too. In that sense, we may see downgrade or missing features like lower water resistance level or missing wireless charging or missing higher battery capacity, or even standard design, etc. Most budget-oriented users always search for a better sound and mic quality if the ANC feature is there with an optimal battery capacity.

We’ll have to wait for more leaks and info to get closer to it.


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