Apple clarifies that the Communication Safety code in the first iOS 15.2 beta is not a feature of that update

The Communication Safety Feature for Kids code found on iOS 15.2 Beta is not actually a feature and Apple is not planning to release it anytime soon, Macrumors reports. 

There is a significant difference between CSAM and this specific feature. CSAM has been delayed, and users are assuming that Apple will not release it anytime soon. According to the code for the child safety program found in the iOS 15.2 beta, it is in the update, however, we cannot be certain if it will work since it requires sending sensitive photos to or from a device set up for a child.

Apple’s Messages app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac includes a communication safety feature for kids. Children and parents will be notified when a child receives or sends sexually explicit photos. When setting up the device for their children, the Screen Time feature will be helpful for the parents. As we’ve already discussed, Apple uses the device’s machine learning technology to analyze image attachments.

The European Union and Apple are implementing a phone scanning plan to detect images from an iPhone to track down possible terrorist activities or child sexual abuse. A sexually explicit photo flagged on the iPhone is automatically blurred and the child is warned not to view it. For children under 13, if they tap on the photo and view it anyway, their parents will be notified immediately.

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