China Removes Alibaba Group’s UC Browser from Android App Stores

Chinese app stores have allegedly removed UC Browser, an Alibaba Group-owned web browser for mobiles. According to a latest report, China removed Alibaba’s browser after it was criticized on the Chinese state television’s annual consumer rights show “for including medical ads by unqualified companies.”

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce giant founded by billionaire Jack Ma, who has been facing heavy scrutiny for the past few months for some political reasons. Besides, the Chinese government is tightening regulations for its vast internet sector, and Alibaba’s UC Browser has now also suffered as a result of the new regulations. The web browser was allegedly showing medical ads by unqualified companies, due to which it received a lot of criticism, and now the app-removal from various app stores.

UC Browser Android App Removed in Chinese App Stores

As said before that the UC Browser has been removed from app stores in China, users in the communist country cannot download the said browser from app stores operated by major Chinese phone makers. As per the report, these app stores include the ones operated by Xiaomi Corp, Huawei, and Vivo. However, the web browser is reported to be still available on Apple’s Chinese app store. So, it seems like only the Android version of UC Browser has suffered at the moment.

On Monday night, China Central Television held its popular two-hour prime time “315” show in which several Chinese and foreign companies were targeted with criticism for a range of issues. One of these included Alibaba’s UC Browser, which is claimed to have more than 400 million monthly active users globally. However, after the show, the company did issue an apology while saying it has started an investigation and “initiated corrective measures.”

It’s not the first time an app has been temporarily removed from app stores in China, such things have already happened in the past, but existing users don’t get affected. This time, along with the UC Browser, four more apps named in the CCTV show have also been ordered to be removed from app stores.

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