Chromebook Users Will Soon Be Able to Launch Apps from Their Phone on PC

Google is all set to launch its new Pixel smartphone — the Google Pixel 6 — tomorrow, i.e.., Tuesday, October 19, 2021. But just a day ahead of the launch event, Mishaal Rahman, a reliable Android tipster, has revealed that the tech giant could also launch a new feature for Chromebooks. According to Rahman, a new feature will soon be coming to Chromebooks, which will allow users to launch apps from their phones on Chromebooks. He says that this feature is likely to “launch on Tuesday alongside the Pixel 6.”

Launch Apps from Your Phone on Chromebooks

Chromebook Users Will Soon Be Able to Launch Apps from Their Phone on PC
Image courtesy: Mishaal Rahman / Twitter

According to a tweet from Rahman, Google will soon launch a feature that will let Chromebook users launch apps from their phone on their PC running Chrome OS. He explains that when a user receives a notification on their phone, it will get forwarded to their Chromebook. So the users can click on it right from their PC to launch it in a window. This means that you don’t need to open your phone to read the notification or launch an app to view the content.

Note that this is just a tip, and there’s currently no information from the official source, so we will get to know the exact details tomorrow only. Stay tuned with ScoopSquare24 for the latest tech news and leaks.

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