Chromecast with Google TV April Update Fixes Several Issues, Brings Advanced Video Controls

The Chromecast with Google TV is the company’s latest device available in the market right now. The Mountain View-based tech giant has started rolling out the April Security update that brings in several new features as well as fixes existing bugs.

The update will be available in stages, so it might take a while before the update is available on your device. Firefighter2021, a Reddit user was one of the first people who noticed the update. He promptly shared some images of the update that tell us it will update the Google TV to version QTS1.210311.005 and will be 166MB in size.

A few days ago, the Chromecast got HDR10+ certification, enabling users to watch higher quality content on services such as Amazon Prime. This update brings in Advanced Video Control settings for HDR formats. It can be found under the Display and Sound section. The option lets users have control over various aspects such as the HDR formats, refresh rate, resolution, and even color formats.

Chromecast with Google TV April update fixes several issues and bring advanced video controls

The HDMI-CEC can turn the TV on or off. Other improvements to the HDMI include the ability to choose the best settings available for the TV. If you are using Wi-Fi for your Chromecast device like the majority of users do, Google has also worked on improving the overall performance of Wi-Fi on 5Mhz as well as people using Mesh networks.

The latest version of the Google Chromecast was experiencing audio stutter in some apps when using Bluetooth. The update finally fixes the annoying issue that users were facing for quite some time. Last but not the least, it is updated to the Android Security 2021 patch.

The Apple TV app is also available on the Chromecast with Google TV, adding to the already vast collection the device has to offer. Recently, the device also got the Kids Profile support which lets kids access age appropriate content.


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