Clubhouse is Coming to Android, Currently Under Rough Beta Testing Phase

You might have heard about Clubhouse by now. It is a voice-based networking app like Facebook, Instagram, and millions of others. It is also one of the most knocked-off apps by every major tech platform you can name including Facebook, Reddit, and others. Apparently, Clubhouse is coming to Android. This comes after a weekly town hall event where Clubhouse mentioned that an Android version of the app is being tested and based on its feedback, its public launch will be announced.

Clubhouse is coming to Android

As Clubhouse release notes reads, this is a rough beta version available to some non-Clubhouse employees. The Android client won’t accept anyone out of the “friendly testers” group as of now.

Clubhouse is coming to Android, currently under rough beta testing phase

Clubhouse became instantly famous for several reasons. First up, it was limited to the iOS platform and available via an invite-only method. This meant you need an iOS device and an invite to try the cool voice-based networking app. However, a lack of Android clients gave Clubhouse’s alternatives a lot of time to gear up similar features on their apps. The list does include some well-known tech companies including Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and others that are knocking off Clubhouse either as a total clone or taking its crucial voice-based networking feature on their apps.

According to Apptopia, Clubhouse saw exponential growth in terms of downloads in February 2021. However, it’s the latest data shows a fall of *8 percent in terms of daily usage. Although the number of total downloads and daily users is still in millions, both the graphs are falling alike, and thus, getting an Android client on-board is practically something Clubhouse could do to beat all odds.

Clubhouse has to tackle several challenges to compete with its rivals such as Spotify which has *3 percent higher average sessions per user than Clubhouse. On the other hand, Clubhouse has 125 percent higher sessions per user than Instagram or Snapchat.

Coming back to Clubhouse Android client, although the company did mention that the app is in the making and it is being tested, it didn’t specify exactly when we can expect the app to drop on the Google Play Store. As per the last update posted in March, the Android client launch was still a couple of months away.

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