Did Black Widow’s adoptive family survive the snap?

Warning this article contains SPOILERS ! for the film Black Widow And Avenger’s Movies

Black Widow has finally hit the theatres, starting Phase 4 and if numbers are to speak then it has done fairly well, taking into account the lockdown and pandemic conditions all over the world. While Marvel shows are worthy of being fan favorites, one can never resist a Marvel movie. With Black Widow finally gracing the theatres after a long 2-year drought of Marvel movies you can feel the buzz going around.

Black Widow came to theatres in July 2021, introducing us to Natasha Romanoff’s  (Scarlett Johansson) adoptive family. With Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), playing her mother, Alexei Shostakov (David Harbour) as her father, Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) as her sister, we finally get to have a closer look at Natasha Romanoff’s life. 

The movie takes place before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and goes deep into the life of Black Widow and her time in the Red Room.

But by the end of the movie, like classic Marvel movies, some questions remain unanswered. So here we are trying to solve one of the biggest questions by the end of the movie – Did Black Widow’s adoptive family survive Thano’s snap?

Where is Yelena Belova after Black Widow? 

Yelena Black Widow sister

By the end of the Black Widow movie, we see Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh ( Midsommar and Little Woman), setting off on a journey with Alexi Shostakov, Melina Vostokoff, and the rest of the recently-freed Black Widows. Yelena embarks on the mission to free the rest of Black Widows around the world, who are still under the control of Dreykov. So It is possible that after the Infinity War, Yelena continues with her mission. 

This seems highly unlikely considering the severity of the condition after Infinity War. After half the world is gone, it would be quite surprising if Yelena did not find Natasha immediately and help her in bringing half the world back. 

Black Widow’s condition during Avengers Endgame 

During Avengers Endgame we see Natasha Breaking down in tears just before Steve rogers arrives at the Avengers Headquarters. It can be suggested that Natasha might be grieving for her adoptive family. Natasha might have been close with the avengers and treated them as family, but it is quite possible that the loss of her original family pushed her to the edge. 

Why did Yelena not show up during Avengers Endgame? 

All throughout the Avengers Endgame, we don’t see Yelena fighting alongside Natasha. Natasha was struggling to keep it together in the last Avengers movie, yet Yelena did not show up to help her fix the world. 

Additionally, we see, Natasha seriously planning the Time Heist throughout the movie. She is the one to convince Tony Stark, and lastly, we see her sacrificing her life for Soul Stone as well. It is possible that one of the reasons behind Natasha’s sacrifice is her hope to see her family alive again. 

Black Widow Avengers Endgame

Black Widow’s Vest 

The importance of Black Widow’s Vest was revealed during the movie. We see Yelena gifting her that vest in the movie, which we can see her wearing in Infinity War. It shows her love and gratitude towards Yelena. Yet in Avengers Endgame we do not see her wearing it, which might imply a greater loss than we originally anticipated.

Post-Credit scene of Black Widow 

The Post-Credit scene raises the most questions. Yelena is mourning the loss of her sister, after Avengers Endgame when she is interrupted by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). By their conversation, it seems like they have been working together for a while now, which comes as a surprise. The last time we saw Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, was in The Falcon and Winter Soldier, where she approached a discharged John Walker, with an offer to become a US Agent. 

This time she offers Yelena a mission, concerning Clint Barton – Hawkeye (Jeremy Runner). We see Yelena blaming Clint for the death of her sister, which is not true since Natasha wasn’t killed by Hawkeye, rather gave her own life. This suggests that Yelena is not in the know about that fact. This could be due to the reason that she was snapped by Thanos before this whole gist transpired. 

It seems we can only wait now, to know more about her life. It is confirmed that she would be appearing in the Hawkeye Disney+ series. We cant wait to know if we are right. Until then we can only speculate. 

Let us know what do you think as well in the comments below!

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