Discord Stage Discovery Lets You Search Social Audio Events on the Platform

The COVID-19 Pandemic has slowed things to the point where even large events are now being held online. Discord has come up with a new feature that lets users search for audio events and shows.

Known as Stage Discovery, the feature is reliable and works out of the box. Initially available in March, Stage Discovery searches across the length and breadth of all Discord community servers. The owners of servers can decide if they want to make them public or let them be private. Users no longer have to go through every single server like they had to before.

Voice channels have been part of what makes Discord special from day one, and as communities have grown, so have their needs,” Discord explained in a blog post. “Discord is about friends and communities, and we believe Stage Discovery will allow you to find audio events you’ll want to experience with your friends, just like a physical event. Lookout for Stage Discovery coming in June with some exciting creators to help us kick things off! Let’s just say one rhyme with…… rhymes.

In the summer of 2020, Discord raised more than $100 million and was valued at $7 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the tech industry. Sources also suggest that Sony is in talks with the company to port the Discord social media feature to the PlayStation Network.



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