Don’t Breathe 2 trailer shows Stephen Lang as the hero

Looking back at the first movie in the horror movie Don’t Breathe, one can undeniably admit that Fede Alvarez did an absolutely fantastic job of making a masterpiece.

The audience was left awestruck when they saw how an elderly blind man, Stephen Lang, was the victim of a home invasion by some armed thieves. You can safely say that a major reason why the movie became an instant hit was because of Stephen Lang’s performance as the bad guy.

The film generated a revenue of $150 with a budget of just $10 million. Stephen is portrayed as a trained killer who can easily fight in silence, even without his eyes. The narrative was carefully woven so as to depict Stephen as neither innocent nor harmless.

Fast forward 5 years, and now we have the second movie trailer in the installment, Don’t Breathe 2. Although we cannot judge a movie by its trailer alone, we can clearly see that this time, Stephen is pitted against an experienced bunch of thieves who know how dangerous he can be.

But Stephen looks the same, with the movie featuring some excellent action sequences. We hope the second installment is just as good as the first one.

Are you excited for Don’t Breathe 2?


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