Download Google’s Earth Day Wallpapers available for Pixel Phones

Google is known for its creative ways to celebrate various events and days using new and creative ways. On this Earth Day, the Mountain View-based tech giant released three wallpapers meant for Pixel phones. However, you can download these even if you don’t own a Pixel device.

The three wallpapers are available in full resolution for people with Pixel 3 or newer devices. Users can find these using the phone’s styles and wallpaper settings in the “Curated Collection” collection.

How to download Google Earth Day Wallpapers

If you are comfortable with the 1080p version of these wallpapers, you can also download the set of Google’s Earth Day Wallpapers from other websites as well.

The wallpaper set contains three set of images by an Artist named Jeremyville, which showcase the wildlife on Earth dancing in different ecosystems and climate. These settings include the land, the ocean and a forest.

With climate change rapidly changing the landscape of our planet as we know it, Google hopes these wallpapers will act as an call to action. They might even remind you of the beautiful place we live in and the way we humans are altering it for our own needs.


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