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Are you and your gaming buddies obsessed with diving into the latest role-playing fantasy world of Elden Ring, but the vastness and difficulty of the Dark Souls-like game set you back from approaching it? Don’t let the challenging gameplay style and unknown eldritch monstrosities torment you, foul Tarnished! Through this Elden Ring Wiki, we will prepare you to battle the toughest bosses with the finest steel blades, defend yourself from hordes of invaders with strategic planning, and find hidden rare items among the depths of the Lands Between through our revealed location map.

What is Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring release is one of the most anticipated ones in 2022, where players with years of expertise and users just getting started are jumping into the newest ARPG game from FromSoftware.  The critically renowned author of “Game of Thrones,” George R. R. Martin, collaborated with this esteemed developer to build a one-of-a-kind backstory for this game. According to recent Elden Ring news, they received the perfect 10/10 score from different game outlets.

Elden Ring best Ranking 10 out of 10

Although it is a demanding game where you might receive lots of difficulties, devastation, and deaths along the way, the Elden Ring wiki will give you enough knowledge about the “intimidatingly vast” world to help you conquer seemingly impossible challenges.

The plot of Elden Ring takes place in the Lands Between, which are controlled by Queen Marika the Eternal. The Elden Ring has been destroyed due to Marika and her offspring’s interference. The Elden Ring is the source of Erdtree, and its destruction removes the barrier between life and death, allowing humans to die. Each of the demigod offsprings of Queen Marika wields a fragment of the Elden Ring, known as the Great Runes.

Elden Ring Storyline explained

Each Elden Ring shard has a secret power that has empowered these demigods, making them considerably more powerful, but the power has also driven them insane. The Shattering was launched by Queen Marika and her children: a massive conflict that decimated the Lands Between. You will start off as the Tarnished, whose goal is to reassemble the Elden Ring shards and become an Elden Lord, restoring the devastation done by Queen Marika and her progeny.

Elden Ring Wiki – Complete Guide for Beginners

If the lore of Elden Ring managed to allure you into giving this undefeatable world another shot despite what other reviewers say, we have developed a comprehensive guide for your better understanding of the game’s characters, the properties of the starting classes of The Tarnished, locations of the Elden Rings on the map and so much more! Go through the sections given below to gain a better understanding of the game:

Elden Ring Starting Classes: Description and stats

When you start a new game in Elden Ring, you are given the option to choose the initial stats of the Tarnished player. Ten starting classes are available in the recent Elden Ring release, so everyone can begin the game with something they like. Depending on your preferences and initial choices, your character may start out as a melee warrior, crafty mage, stealthy archer, or combination.

However, regardless of whatever class you pick, your stats and gear may be changed and upgraded as the game proceeds. Classes simply serve as a launching pad and are effective only at the beginning of the game. So, to get Elden Ring off to a good start, the mentionable characteristics of each class are listed below:


Elden Ring Starting Classes Vagabond

Description: A beginner-friendly hardy melee fighter with various weapons

Characteristics: Pick the Vagabond class if you want the classic Soulsborne experience, which consists of getting up and personal with your foes while also learning how to block and dodge as you go through the game. The Vagabond is well-suited for melee combat with his sword, shield, and halberd due to his high HP and strength. You’ll slice adversaries into submission, preferably one-on-one.


  • High strength and HP
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Reflexive starting gear


  • No magic
  • No ranged damage


Elden Ring Starting Class Warrior

Description: An agile melee fighter with light swift armor and dual swords

Characteristics: The Warrior is an excellent pick if you like your melee combatants to be quick and adaptable. You’ll still have to face most of your foes head-on, so you’ll have to understand their tactics and dodge a lot. The Warrior begins the game with just two scimitars and a lightweight shield, making him unique. In other words, although you can block some damage, you’re better off learning how to dodge melee damage and dual-wield.


  • Highest starting Dexterity
  • Dual wielding is entertaining to play
  • Impressive stats for curved swords and bows


  • Low HP and strength
  • No magic


Elden Ring Starting Class Hero

Description: A strong melee fighter using an ax and a shield

Characteristics: The Hero is a good choice if you’re looking for a melee fighter that lacks any skill with magic or long-range weaponry. Unlike the Vagabond and the Warrior, the Hero has poor dexterity, so you may lean towards strength-based weaponry. He (or she) also has excellent health, so you can take a few hits as you deal them out. Pick Hero if you ultimately wish to use two-handed weapons.


  • High Strength
  • High health
  • Good starting weapons


  • No magic or ranged weapon aptitude
  • Armour is not as strong


Elden Ring Starting Class Bandit

Description: A versatile, well-equipped explorer

Characteristics: Elden Ring’s open environment lies at the heart of The Bandit’s gameplay. His (or her) best fighting stat is Dexterity, which is handy for the knife and bow that he carries. His Arcane stat has the most impact on the world’s abundance of valuable items. Arcane aids spellcasting if you want to learn it later.


  • Impeccable at finding rare items
  • Clever melee and ranged fighter


  • High skill requirement for spellcasting
  • No specialized combat skills


Elden Ring Starting Class Astrologer

Description: An arcane caster of spells with a staff

Characteristics: For those who wish to play as an offensive spellcaster, the Astrologer is a no-brainer. Despite starting with a sword and shield, the Astrologer’s primary concentration is on Glintstone wizardry, which can do enormous damage at a distance. The Astrologer has the potential to study and use a large number of spells, thanks to their high Mind and Intelligence scores. But in melee combat, he won’t survive long.


  • Strong spellcasting ability
  • Vigorous starting magic
  • High mana capacity


  • Low HP, Stamina
  • Weak Melee stats


Elden Ring Starting Class Prophet

Description: Spellcaster with holy magic, healing, and fire

Characteristics: If you prefer to concentrate on holy magic, the Prophet is one alternative. He (or she) begins with strong Faith and Mind ratings, which influence how many spells he can master and how frequently he can perform them. His health and strength are poor, but not dismally so, and his sharp spear can keep most opponents at a reasonable distance. He begins with both a defensive fire spell and a healing magic spell.


  • Offensive or Defensive Playstyle
  • Adaptable starting spells


  • Weak Durability
  • Weak Shield


Elden Ring Starting Class Samurai

Description: Versatile fighter with melee and ranged weapons

Characteristics: When it comes to Elden Ring characters, the Samurai is ideal for those who like ranged and close-quarters combat but aren’t concerned with spellcasting. To start, you’ll receive a katana, a longbow, and a shield, which should give you a sense of how to handle most situations. The Samurai features excellent Dexterity, which is helpful for ranged fighting, and good Strength, Health, and Stamina, which will give you an edge in melee engagements.


  • Superior physical stats
  • Balanced starting equipment


  • No spellcasting
  • Weak starting shields


Elden Ring Starting Class Prisoner

Description: A agile fighter and spellcaster

Characteristics: The Prisoner is a decent option for gamers who can’t determine whether they want to combat foes at close quarters or by a range. His (or her) excellent Dexterity and Intelligence imply that he can dole out lots of damage with his Estoc or Glintblade sorcery. A player may experiment with different playstyles without fear of dying or losing all of their health and energy.


  • Balanced Playstyle
  • All-rounder stats


  • Frail starting armor
  • Isn’t really talented in any area


Elden Ring Starting Class Confessor

Description: A powerful and flexible holyspellcaster

Characteristics: If you’re looking for melee and holy incantations, the Confessor is your best option. He (or she) has a mighty sword and shield, healing spells, and the stats to utilize them all effectively. He has excellent survivability since he can both block and heal most damage, but he lacks the physical toughness of a pure melee character and the magical might of a pure spellcaster.


  • High durability
  • Impressive starting gears and spells


  • Weak Item discovery
  • Low HP


Elden Ring Starting Class Wretch

Description: Near-naked Warrior with just a club for protection

Characteristics: Wretch is a common destination for those who have already played a Soulsborne game. However, you should probably stay away from it if you haven’t. There is no protective equipment and just a clumsy wooden club to the Wretch’s name, making him (or her) the weakest beginning class. On the other hand, you may completely transform him if you can live long enough to acquire better weapons and equipment.


  • Huge customization potential
  • Early-game challenge for extra fun


  • Punishing for Elden Ring beginners
  • No easy router for leveling up

Here is a summary of the stats for Elden Ring starting classes and a legend given below for the hard-to-understand stat parameters:

Origin Class Level Vigor Mind Endurance Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Arcane
Vagabond 9 15 10 11 14 13 9 9 7
Warrior 8 11 12 11 10 16 10 8 9
Hero 7 14 9 12 16 9 7 8 11
Bandit 5 10 11 10 9 13 9 8 14
Astrologer 6 9 15 9 8 12 16 7 9
Prophet 7 10 14 8 11 10 7 16 10
Samurai 9 12 11 13 12 15 9 8 8
Prisoner 6 11 12 11 8 14 14 6 9
Confessor 10 10 13 10 12 12 9 14 9
Wretch 1 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Elden Ring Characters Starting Stats

Stat Chart Legend:

  • Level: Starting player level
  • Vigor: HP, Fire, Poison Resistance
  • Mind: Focus Resistance, FP
  • Endurance: Physical Defence, Stamina, Robustness, Max Equipment Load
  • Strength: Strength Weapon Damage
  • Dexterity: Dexterity Weapon Damage
  • Intelligence: Magic Damage, Magic Weapon Damage, Sorcery Damage, Magic Resistance
  • Faith: Incantation Damage, Faith Weapon Damage
  • Arcane: Discovery, Sorcery + Death + Incantation Resistance

Important Elden Ring Characters in the Story

FromSoftware is well-known for the difficulty of their boss fights and the depth of their storylines in their titles such as Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne. The game celebrates the art of creating a new universe, where the Tarnished can hunt for new characters in Limgrave’s Erdtree as soon as the player exits from the bright light. Each character in Elden Ring, from NPCs to the most challenging enemies, is given a distinct personality, and we will list out the most essential characters in Elden Ring for a better understanding of the game.

The Tarnished

Elden Ring Characters The Tarnished

Elden Ring’s protagonist, the Tarnished, is a player character. The Tarnished, driven by the “Flame of Ambition,” want to reclaim the Elden Ring and ascend to the position of Elden Lord. Demigods, carriers of Great Runes, and individuals who have been tarnished are all encountered on their trip across the Lands Between.


Elden Ring Characters Melina

One of the first characters you meet is Melina, who teaches you how to level up and gives a spectral steed later to accompany you in-game. Melina is full of old and vital wisdom, from her hooded robe to her damaged eye and plagued tongue. At the conclusion of the game, her heart’s reality is exposed, and there are various hypotheses concerning her fake Maiden position.

Miriel, Pastor of Vows

Elden Ring Characters Miriel

It’s hard to miss Miriel, the giant tortoise outside the Church of Vows, with its pope hat on. Known as “Pope Turtle” by most gamers, he imparts knowledge of the land and absolution, allowing hostile NPCs to leave the Tarnished alone. Pope Turtle has a vast knowledge of spells ad incantations and offers you other gifts.

Iron Fist Alexander

Elden Ring Characters Iron Fist Alexander

A massive pot in a video game is an unforgettable experience. A breath of fresh air amid an endless stream of foes, Alexander provides a respite from the grueling battles ahead. In contrast to most of the other NPCs, he has a sense of levity and offers a ray of sunshine among the gloom.


Elden Ring Characters Fia

Fia is one of the first characters shown in the game’s opening sequence, with her long, golden hair swaying in the wind. She is a deathbed companion, and The Baldachin’s Blessing, a consumable that protects you from physical harm, can only be obtained by embracing her.

Margott, The Omen King

Elden Ring Characters Margott

Margott is a horned demigod who appears in a boss fight after Margit. Margot is Margit’s true identity. He is relentless, stronger, and delivers massive lightning attacks, which are difficult to evade.

Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring Characters Radahn

Radahn lives up to the fact that he is known as one of the hardest bosses. In order to beat the boss, you have to run across a battlefield while he throws spears and arrows at you. He uses gravity magic and a rainstorm of arrows to pummel the Tarnished, and his ridiculous speed and range of attacks do heavy damage in close range.

Ranni, The Witch

Elden Ring Characters Ranni

Ranni, the daughter of Radagon and Rennala, was raised as a demigod after her father vanished. Throughout the game, she will reveal her secrets to the Tarnished, enlisting you in her service to uncover a treasure.

Spiritcaller Snail

Elden Ring Characters Spirit Caller Snail

The Spiritcaller Snail might come across as a peaceful giant snail, but most players are deceived in a boss fight with him due to its invisibility skills. He has a legion of sword-wielding knights, and the easiest way to defeat him s to find the hiding spot of the snail.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Elden Ring Characters Rykard

Rykard offers a biblical boss fight where the player confronts him in a scorching, infernal pit surrounded by tumbling rocks and jagged chandeliers swaying in the distance. Make sure to hone your dodging skills to defeat the mixture of a serpent and a crystallized God.


Elden Ring Characters Blaidd

Ranni the Witch’s honest wolf-headed protector, Blaidd, supports the Tarnished in his journeys. He is available to call upon as a summon and is a welcoming sight.


We hope that our Elden Ring Wiki proved beneficial in your quest to understand this game better, and please comment below to let us know what more we shall add according to your experience.

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