Epic Games is Planning to Bring the Rocket League Series to Android and iOS

If you are someone or a gamer who keeps tabs on games, I highly doubt that you wouldn’t know Rocket League. It is one of the biggest hits in the competitive gaming arena and it is available on pretty much every platform including consoles, PCs, but not on mobile phones. Perhaps, this might change as reports suggest that Epic Games, the owner, is planning to bring a full game experience of Rocket League to smartphones that include Android and most probably iOS too.

Full game experience of Rocket League is speculated on mobile phones

To shed light, Epic Games acquired the Rocket League series as well as its creator Psyonix. Thus, it is a part of the Epic vs Apple trial that’s taking place now. Apparently, a confidential slide from Epic Games’ end recently leaked online giving a peek view into what the company is planning to do with Rocket League in the future.

Epic Games is planning to bring the Rocket League series to Android and iOS

According to the information that we have, for now, Epic has discussed two new products in the Rocket League series to arrive on mobile phones. Here, the first is the Rocket League: Sideswipe that has been announced already. What’s interesting is that Epic is planning to release a full game experience of Rocket League on smartphones. I am talking about the same game as you might have heard or seen or played on PCs and consoles but smartphones.

As the document reads out, Epic will be used as a next-generation client to introduce full game experience on all operating systems and platforms including smartphones. As 9to5Google puts it, there’s a possibility that the “Rocket League Next” game that we just mentioned above for mobile phones is already in the alpha or beta stage. This could mean the game would arrive as early as the current quarter of 2021 although take it with a pinch of salt as the company hasn’t disclosed any release date yet.

Perhaps what’s bugging Rocket League player base is how Epic Games will be able to introduce a full game experience of Rocket League games on mobile phones without a controller. In any case, the game is already speculated to be in the beta stage on Android devices while the iOS will probably get the game too although there’s not much information available about the same.

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