Erika Jayne shares details about her divorce from Tom Girardi

In a fresh episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne shed some light on her divorce from husband Tom Girardi.

During recent Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne decided to share some details about her recent divorce with partner Tom Girardi. They were married for 21 years.

The topic came up during a group meal at Sutton Stracke’s party. It was followed in the last week’s installment. Erika said,

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room. So, my life drastically changed this week. I let go of my Lamborghini. I let go of my 16,000-square-foot home. I let go of my marriage. I let go of everything.

She also said that she decided to leave the marriage, but it was really tough for her. She did it anyway because she felt it was not a partnership anymore. She added,

I literally made a decision that I had to. I left because he pushed me further and further out. The conversations that I used to have were now reduced down to a sentence or two. I just kept walking around that house, and knowing that this marriage was headed down a really s–tty path, I had to make a choice to do what was right for me. I couldn’t live that way anymore.

Erika said she did not inform her friends because until now because she did not want to put them in a bad position.

I struggled for a long time knowing that I had to leave. But once I made my decision, I spent a good 30 days closing out certain parts of my life. I cried every day. This was the end of a massive part of my life and stepping into, basically, a void.

Erika said she filed for divorce on November 3 because it was Election Day and wanted the news to be buried.


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