Eufy Camera Security Breach Might Have Revealed Your Home to Unknown People

If you own a Eufy Security Camera, you might have recently seen a video of a house that is not yours. In case you did, you are not alone.

People from various parts of the world have reported that they could access videos from Eufy Cameras of someone else’s home. Some users reported that they could see other people’s entire feed and even control their camera. Moreover, their contact details were also accessible.

The company that owns Eufy, Anker, reports that the issue was due to a software bug. Having said that, Anker also said that it was a server-side update and was promptly resolved within an hour. No details about how it happened or what might have caused the issues are known right now.

It doesn’t matter if it was due to a software bug; being able to see someone else’s camera and control it is a grave problem. Eufy went on to say that their other products, such as smart locks, baby cameras, alarm systems, and PetCare products, remained unaffected by the “bug.” After the issue came to the spotlight, many users are reconsidering if they want to continue using their Eufy cameras at all.

Being able to see a stranger’s camera, access their contact information, and home network is anyone’s worst nightmare come true. This is especially the case when you are live streaming the inside of your house. Eufy says only 0.001% of its userbase was affected by the bug but gives no numbers. Although this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, the question that comes to anyone’s mind is if local storage-based cameras are better than cloud-based streaming solutions.

Eufy stating that it was a software bug without revealing anything on how it happened might result in users wandering to safer alternatives.


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