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‘Ex On The Beach’ Preview: Aubrey Enlists Coffey To Give Mark Kissing Lessons & Things Get Steamy


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September 12, 2019 12: 00PM EDT

Life is Implausible for Aubrey O’Day on ‘Ex on the Seaside’ — she’s at the moment courting every Mark AND Coffey, and acquired to makeout with Each equally of them on this Unique sneak peek!

When most individuals have an ex get there to Ex on the Seashore, factors promptly blow up for them, however that’s not the circumstance for Aubrey O’Day! Remaining week, her ex, Lisa Coffey confirmed up, which might’ve simply set a damper on the singer’s romantic relationship with Mark Jansen. In its place, she acquired Coffey and Mark to concur to permit her date them each of these. Now, on this Particular preview of the Sept. 12 episode, Aubrey truly does respect the best of each of these worlds simply after she asks Coffey to present Mak some kissing lessons.

“Initially, I do know I’m not a poor kisser, because of the reality I’ve kissed greater than sufficient ladies the place they need seconds,” Mark states in his confessional. “However I’ll take pleasure in alongside as a result of I get to kiss Coffey and Coffey’s f***ing scorching. So, if you wish to educate me methods to kiss…educate me methods to kiss!” Coffey can be up for the problem as a result of, as she describes, “I’m going to point out him what I’m about. I’m not prone to go up the prospect. So I kiss him. I come to really feel like Mark isn’t a opponents to me any longer simply after I kissed him and realized he couldn’t kiss. If he merely can not kiss, contemplate what he can’t do within the bed room.”

Aubrey additionally chimes in by way of the kissing classes and urges Mark to “sluggish it down,” although Coffey lets him know that his “downside” is acquiring method too thrilled. “I actually have no idea whether it is just because the ladies kiss one another, however I’ve certainly not kissed anyone like this,” Mark admits. “The way in which they use their tongues…perhaps I’ve not been kissing applicable..however it’s bizarre.”

Instantly after receiving in some apply with Coffey, Mark strikes on to Aubrey, they usually cannot purchase their lips absent from every different! At that place, Coffey decides to simply depart the house. “I’m leaving this date perfect now just because Mark is heading to fail,” she explains. “He simply can not kiss, so I simply can’t even think about if he can f***. Allow me simply preserve it actual.”

When Coffey goes again once more to affix the remainder of the staff, everyone could be very puzzled about why she nonetheless left Aubrey and Mark by yourself with one another. “I’m not assured what Coffey is angling for proper right here,” Devin Walker claims. “Are you fight to your lady…or are you in search of to established her up with Mark? Bizarre.” Ex on the Seaside airs Thursdays at 9: 00 p.m. on MTV.

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