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‘Extreme Love’: Missy wants to wear furry feet under her wedding dress and fans cry ‘that girl gonna be sweatin’

‘Extreme Love’ returned for an all-new extreme episode on Friday night. 

Engaged couple Missy and Joey are furries who love to have frisky fun in their costumes. While they are busy prepping for their wedding, this furry couple finds them in a fix when Missy reveals she wants to wear her furry feet under her wedding dress for the ceremony. Missy’s revelation has fans wondering how will she manage without sweating. 

This week, we were introduced to three couples with extreme relationships, unlike something we’ve seen before. One amongst them is 30-year-old Missy and 26-year-old Joey. The couple met each other via a furry fandom. The furry fandom is a global community who love to show their wild side by dressing up in their own animal fursona. 

It was their animal attraction that sealed the deal for them. Missy has two fursonas, one is ‘Pix’, a bubbly and spunky Siberian husky and the second one is ‘Freya’, a Shiba-Inu deer hybrid that is sassy. Joey’s fursona is ‘Riot’, a confident and flirtatious fox. 

Missy’s parents are the ones who were paying for the entire wedding and that includes, her dress, as well. After going dress shopping, Missy calls her mother up to reveal the news of her wanting to wear her furry feet to the wedding. But that does not go down well. 

Missy’s mother ends up declining her wish and warns her that if she does want to wear her furry feet under the dress, she would retract all the payments for the wedding and let Missy spend it from her own pocket. While Missy tried her best to convince her mom, fans wondered how would Missy manage to wear on the suit under the dress without sweating. 

Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, “Whhhyy Thhhh Ffffffff do you want to wear furry feet to your damn wedding in a pretty dress?! #ExtremeLove.” Adding to that another said, “Missy is in a real pickle with having to choose between her mother paying for her wedding to Joey or wearing the furry feet under the wedding dress! #extremelove.” 

“I have a fursuit and put a dress on top of that girl gonna be sweatin (though I think that is a badass idea XD) #extremelove,” a fan wrote. While another said, “The furry lady is gonna be sweating her ass off wearing a fur suit and a wedding dress. #extremelove.” 

“Missy planning to wear her fur suit under her wedding dress is a bold idea! #extremelove,” a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, “This girl is crazy as hell. She’s really gonna get married in that fur suit #ExtremeLove.” 

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