Fans angry over James Corden hosting FRIENDS reunion

Recently, HBO revealed the first-ever trailer of the upcoming reunion of the famous TV show “Friends.” However, fans were soon frustrated, knowing that James Corden, the night talk show host, will also be included in the reunion.

The trailer starts with the main cast, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. The trailer was released on Wednesday this week, with actors resisting the old show sets, re-acting certain scenes of episodes, and participating in a live discussion.

The panel was moderated by James Corden, who is the host of “The Late Late Show,” who asked the cast members questions about their experience and time on FRIENDS.

“All these people could’ve been a part of the Friends reunion, but Warner Bros chose Justin Bieber and James Corden,” one user said.

“James Corden adding the ‘Friends’ reunion to the list of things he’s ruined with his mere presence”, said one frustrated user.

Another fan wrote, “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wanting a Friends reunion since 2004 but if someone told me James Corden would be in it I’d have told them not to bother.”

Fans of the show were quick to express their anger and frustration over the inclusion of James, who has never appeared on the show. It seems like all they wanted was someone from the show to host the reunion. According to their website, ‘Friends: The Reunion’ is produced by Fulwell 73, with Corden joining the company sometime in 2017.



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