FAU-G Team Deathmatch Mode to Arrive Soon, Announces Creator nCore Games

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) alternative FAU-G will soon get its promised multiplayer Team Deathmatch Mode, announced creator nCore Games on Wednesday. The developer took to Twitter to share about the latest development and said the much-awaited multiplayer gameplay will come soon. FAU-G was officially launched on January 26 this year but users who played the game didn’t find it much exciting because of the limited content. But nCore Games have listened to the players’ suggestions and demands and is soon releasing the feature through an update.

According to a tweet from the official nCore Games account, the multiplier Team Deathmatch Mode will be coming soon that will allow FAU-G fans to play with their friends. To those unaware, nCore Games initially announced FAU-G back in September 2020 after the Indian government banned PUBG in the country. After a long wait, the company finally released the game on January 26, which even made it become the top free game on the Google Play Store.

FAU-G is an Indian Game, Based on Indian Stories

Like said before, FAU-G was released last month and over five million users downloaded it from the Google Play Store. The game initially had an average rating of 4.5 stars, but soon the rating dropped in less than a week. Several players didn’t find FAU-G at par with PUBG Mobile and bombed the reviews with a 1 star, thereby dropping the average Playstore rating. But now, the developer seems to have added more multiplayer content and is ready to release in the coming days.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who is associated with the game since the beginning, also announced the Team Deathmatch Mode coming soon. However, neither the nCore Games nor Kumar revealed the launch date. The release date of the new game mode still remains a mystery.

Vishal Gondal, who is the founder of nCore Games, said, “It seems like the negative reviews did not shake the team’s goals for adding new content to FAU-G and with a Team Deathmatch mode now announced, we hope that a Free for All mode also follows suit.”

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