Here’s the First Look at The House of The Dead Remake on Nintendo Switch [TRAILER]

A new trailer of the remake of The House of The Dead has been released by co-producer Forever Entertainment, showcasing the remake’s gameplay on Nintendo Switch. While the original game has been there for decades, this classic late-90’s rail shooter is getting a full remake treatment. The House of The Dead: Remake comes with updated graphics, audio, and mechanics. The 1-minute trailer shows that the remake of the game shares the same over-the-top zombie fun as the original.

For those gamers who don’t know the history of The House of The Dead, it was first released by developer Sega as a rail-shooter arcade cabinet in 1996. The game was released internationally in 1997 and is credited with bringing zombies back into video games, like the Resident Evil series. It has since then released multiple sequels with the most recent being The House of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn, which was released in 2019.

The House of The Dead: Remake Trailer

Forever Entertainment is a Polish studio that has been tasked by Sega to develop remakes for both The House of The Dead and The House of The Dead 2 for the Nintendo Switch. However, the new trailer is about the first entry, The House of The Dead: Remake, and shows updated graphics. The user interface appears to be similar to the arcade cabinets as players’ cursors will be visible on the screen for various prompts. The cursors will appear both during the gameplay and during cutscenes. Further, the music has the same arcade techno thump as in the classic title.

Speaking of graphics, the trailer showcases how the classic levels have been updated. The remake comes with updated graphics and character models, and a new character model for the first game’s main villain, Dr. Curien. The House of The Dead: Remake is coming to Nintendo Switch as the platform supports diverse features like motion control, split-screen co-op, and online capability.

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