Fitbit Ace 3 Leak Reveals Tweaked Design, New Colours, Reportedly Launching March 15

It seems like the Fitbit Ace 3 is about to be launched soon, according to a new report. Fitbit will reportedly launch its new product on March 15, which is less than two weeks away. If you’re not aware, this will be the company’s first product under Google’s umbrella. Fitbit Ace 3, which the report claims will launch on March 15, is the company’s latest fitness tracker for kids. The brand is popular for developing accurate and useful fitness trackers.

Last year, Google acquired Fitbit, but before this acquisition, it launched Inspire 2 and Charge 4. But apart from these advanced trackers, the brand offers an “Ace” lineup for children too. It comes with a limited feature set but has a more durable and child-friendly design. Fitbit launched its last Ace product back in 2019, and now according to a new report, the brand is going to launch its next-generation of Ace product — the Fitbit Ace 3.

Fitbit Ace 3 Brings Tweaked Design, New Colors

Fitbit Ace 3 Leak Reveals Tweaked Design, New Colours: Reportedly Launching on March 15

Fitbit Ace 3 is Fitbit’s latest offering for children with the idea to instill healthy habits in them from a young age. According to the new images obtained by WinFuture, the new fitness tracker for children shows a familiar overall look, but with some tweaks. It comes with two new color combos — one with black/red and the other with blue/green options. The design tweaks include smooth curves instead of the sharp angles of the Ace 2. Further, the rugged casing also looks less bulky this time.

Fitbit Ace 3 Leak Reveals Tweaked Design, New Colours: Reportedly Launching on March 15

For specs, not much is changed, except a few days of battery improvement. The heart rate sensor is still missing, but it does have a pedometer for tracking steps. Unlike the Ace 2, the Fitbit Ace 3 reportedly has about 192 hours or 8 days of battery backup, which is about three days improvement. Further, it comes with a 1.47-inch OLED display and appears to be similar to the previous model. 

Pricing details of the Fitbit Ace 3 are yet unknown, but it is expected to be around $70, a similar range as Ace 2.

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