Fitbit Luxe Leaks Reveal a New Luxurious Fitness Tracker

Fitbit is one of the most well known and reputed brands when it comes to fitness trackers. It is one of the oldest companies working on the development of fitness trackers.

According to a recent report by WinFuture, the upcoming Fitbit Luxe is strikingly similar to the Ace 3. The Ace 3 comes with a price tag of $79 and provides a battery life of up to 8 days before you will need to charge it. The design is aimed at the younger audience whereas the Luxe is aimed at users who want to wear a fitness band with a luxurious look.

If we look at the images, the band looks fashionable accessory instead of looking like a fitness tracker.

Fitbit Luxe leaks reveal a new luxurious fitness tracker

The Fitbit Luxe comes with a stainless steel body while offering three color options – silver, gold and black. The screen is a color OLED touchscreen and comes with all the standard set of sensors such as a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker. Other features such as the ability to sync call and message notifications are also available.

If you are someone looking for all the basic functionalities that come with a fitness tracker, then the Fitness Luxe is for you. Earlier this year, Google put out a statement that its acquisition of Fitbit will enable both companies to “create new devices and services that help you enhance your knowledge, success, and health and happiness.”

But, Google is yet to venture into the smartwatch space. In the meanwhile, the Fitbit Luxe is what the fanboys will have to look forward to. Google can surely make use of Fitbit’s resources and experience to compete with the likes of Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series.



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