Fortnite leaks first look of The Suicide Squad Bloodsport skin

Fortnite is one of the most popular and successful battle royale games in the world. The popular title introduced some characters from both the DC and Marvel Universe.

Coming to DC, we already have Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and even Flash. Joining the list is Bloodsport from The Suicide Squad, portrayed by Idris Elba. He himself has made the announcement.

Right now, we have no details of how many V-Bucks the new skin will cost it or when it be available, but the video suggests tomorrow’s reveal date.

Having said that, Bloodsport is one of the oldest figures in the history of DC Comics. He goes back to the 1980s with a number of iterations of the character frequently popping up every once in a while. Amongst them, Robert DuBois is the most popular one. He is portrayed as an African-American who was brainwashed into thinking that Superman was his mortal enemy. He even faced Superman with Kryptonite bullets.

The supervillain managed to injure Superman but was later taken into custody. The Suicide Squad movie will follow the lore of Bloodsport, with a dialogue of him sharing the fact that he managed to injure the pseudo-immortal Superman and put him in the ICU.

Fortnite to bring The Suicide Squad Bloodsport skin

Storm Reid, who played the role of Bloodsport’s daughter, said

He is incredible, he’s the nicest person to work with but also so focused. It’s so crazy how he can, like, go in and out. He would be his character, and his character is, like, serious and then they would call cut and he would just go back into conversation and laugh and talk and I’m like, this guy is incredible. So he definitely kept me on my toes but we had a great time.

We want to remind you that Harley Quinn is already available for purchase in the game, with two outfits, one from Suicide Squad and the other one themed Birds of Prey.

If Epic Game wishes, they might bring in more characters and updated the existing Harley Quinn skin with her new costume.


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