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10 Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile – Safe & Legal

You might be accustomed to streaming movies on your mobile, but what if you are stuck in a remote village or flying overseas on an airplane with no Internet connectivity around you? Even in this era of faster Internet connectivity and unlimited Wi-Fi plans where we can access seamless unbuffered online media, having a collection of free movie download sites for mobile is essential for storing your favorite movies inside your smartphone’s internal storage and enjoying them anytime at your leisure.

But even if users want to download free movies from the Internet, chances are more that they will be redirected to mobile movies download websites that either offer pirated illegal content or throw a barricade of advertisements and popups at your face. The good news is that there are a large number of absolutely legitimate free movie download sites for mobile where one may get any media entertainment. Some of them provide access to movies that are part of the public domain, but the vast majority of them are really hidden bonuses that come included with the streaming subscriptions that you may already be paying for.

No Illegal Movie Download Sites Stop Piracy

We searched the internet thoroughly and located all of the top free mobile movie download sites after going through all of these sources and removing any of the illegal or shady ones. Using these mobile download sites for Android and iOS, you can download movies locally on your device and share them with your friends using just a pen drive. Head to the next section to learn more about free movie download sites for mobile and learn about the paid subscriptions that offer to download movies for free.

What Are The Safest And Legal Free Movie Download Sites For Mobile?

Many individuals find that going to watch a movie is the most ideal option to quickly engage in some activity that is entertaining while also being really handy. Cinephiles are constantly looking for excellent websites that provide free movie downloads since they know that nothing worthwhile ever comes for free. But more often than not, they run into malicious pirated sites that pose a risk of injecting viruses on your device. Below, we have listed the best of several mobile movie download websites that are not only safe and legal but might come bundled up with premium streaming services you might be subscribed to. Follow the listings given below to know more:

1. Youtube

Youtube as Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile

Particularly in situations in which you do not have access to any other forms of entertainment, YouTube has the potential to become your go-to source of fun. It is without a doubt one of the popular and legal free movie download sites for mobile that one may possibly come across in their lifetime. It provides the most convenient means of gaining access to visual material from all around the world.

Even though finding a movie that runs its entire duration might be challenging at times, there are still quite a few choices available. Moreover, you won’t have to spend a single dime to access a large selection of different forms of entertainment material, such as music videos, movie clips, and advertisements.

Offline playback of stored YouTube videos is possible at any time, even if there is no internet connection. Anime, TV shows, web series, and movies may be downloaded and viewed later, even if you’re not connected to the internet. You may also keep up with the newest movie releases by subscribing to various movie-related channels. There is no direct option to save to your smartphone gallery on YouTube, but you may save the video to your YouTube library for offline viewing.

2. Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Movies Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile

Public Domain Movies should be your first choice when searching for free movie download sites for Android and iOS on the internet since there is no doubt regarding their legality. These kinds of films may be found in abundance at The public domain indicates that the copyright of a film is no longer controlled by any individual—the public owns the film. To put it another way, you’re free to view and download the films indefinitely.

A few categories are listed at the top of the site to assist you in locating the movies you’re looking for among the hundreds available. The cover art, release date, description, and cast members appear on every movie page. It’s possible to watch a preview of these movies online without downloading them, but clicking on the download option will lead you to another page where the movie may be downloaded for later viewing.

3. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive Movie Download Websites

The Internet Archive, whose purpose is “universal access to all information,” functions as a savior in many situations, allowing you to access prohibited sites, see offline websites, and study how a website has grown over time. Due to its vast resourcefulness, it is one of the best free movie download sites for mobile that will never cease to amaze you.

Approximately 4-5 years ago, The Internet Archive only supplied direct links, and movie downloads often failed due to the enormous file sizes. Thanks to the torrent connections, you may now effortlessly watch and download hundreds of movies for free. This website’s entire collection is constantly expanding, and new stuff is uploaded daily.

This free movie download website also allows the creation of a free virtual library card that offers access to forums, the capacity to submit movies, and the option to save preferred material, among other features.

4. The Public Domain Review

Public Domain Review mobile movies download websites

The Public Domain Review has a lot in common with the preceding mobile movies download websites that are based on public repositories. Many videos here come from the same source as the previous site, but we’ve placed them here because of the excellent filtering tools you have.

Once you’re in the films section, you may choose a century, genre, topic, or kind of film to narrow your search. Consider, for example, that you’re exclusively interested in films from the twentieth century, in shorts or silent films alone, or movies about fashion, ghosts, or the natural environment. If you want to download a movie from the website, you will find a link to the movie’s free download at the bottom of the description page, in the “Download Source” section.

5. Open Culture

Open Culture Mobile Movies Download Websites

Open Culture is more than just another movie download site for mobile; it also boasts a few distinctive features. The website’s database purports to include over a thousand videos, all of which are available for viewing and downloading over the internet. Movies and television series from various sources, including YouTube and the Internet Archive, may be found on this platform.

This is an excellent service for downloading movies quickly and with high-quality sound. On this website, you can watch films in languages like Russian and Korean, which sets it apart from the others on our list. Open Culture alphabetically displays all accessible movies and series, making it challenging to locate a specific film title. However, you may search for certain movie titles using the search function.

6. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films Best Movie Download Sites

As its name indicates, Top Documentary Films is a portal for watching and downloading documentary films. New documentaries from YouTube and other sources are often posted on this page. If you want to watch the movies offline, you may also download them to your computer using the relevant buttons in the movie player.

Top Documentary Films provides a user-friendly playback interface, and it’s awe-inspiring to see how this site presents its material. Titles are included with a brief synopsis of the film, along with user reviews. If you want the most complete understanding of the movie, you should look at the rating and read the review. This website allows users to view movies online for free and download movies without requiring them to register or make any payments.

7. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle Mobile movie download websites

Crackle has more than 1,000 movies, more than 70 television programs to choose from, and a selection of unique content, which makes it the top contender among free movie download sites for mobile. In addition to comedy like Galaxy Quest, the Dare TV alternative’s collection includes frightening foreign-language horror flicks like The Wailing. The South Korean film’s plot revolves around a small town’s quest for a serial killer. Train to Busan, a South Korean zombie film, is also available on the site, which may interest moviegoers.

Arthouse films like Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups and award-winning documentaries like I Am Not Your Negro are also accessible on Crackle in addition to the usual Hollywood fare. Among the content provided to users of Sony Crackle are documentaries like Earthscapes, Dronedout, and Challenges to the Limit. The show takes viewers worldwide while documenting the unique culture of adventure sports. Programs like Charlie’s Angels and 3rd Rock from the Sun are also available for easy download.

8. Dailymotion

Dailymotion Movie Download and Streaming Website for free

Dailymotion is the second most popular video-sharing website, just after YouTube. Using this app, you may search for and download videos to your smartphone from around the globe. Vintage films and important documentaries are only a few examples that may be found here. This website is ideal for movie buffs because of its simple and intuitive user design.

Users of Dailymotion are drawn to the site’s extensive collection of high-quality videos. If you want to use Dailymotion as one of the best free movie download sites for mobile, then make sure to use the mobile app and make the videos offline using the relevant buttons below the video player. The offline videos can later be accessed from your account’s library folder.

9. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix Movie download website

Popcornflix is one of the most popular free movie download sites for mobile and high-quality video streaming. As this website is run and owned by Screen Media Ventures, you can rest assured that you will only be able to download movies of top-notch quality from it. Popcornflix features films from around the globe in many genres, such as action, romance, comedy, horror, suspense, and documentaries.

PopcornFlix offers a ton of content for free, even if you don’t have to create an account to access it. Everything you want to watch or listen to may be streamed by pressing the Play Button. Certain movies and series may be downloaded, and a download button will appear on the same page if the item is available. You can also use an external downloader to make the videos offline.

10. Melo Movies

Melo Movies Free Movie Download sites for mobile

MeloMovies is a new addition to the collection of free movie download sites for mobile. Even though this site isn’t as vast as the others on this list, it still offers a decent selection of movies, TV programs, and series that can be downloaded for free. You may find a variety of free downloads for various file sizes and resolutions under the movie’s name on each of their listings.

You may use the search function on our site to find any movie you want to download. Because of the website’s clean user interface and lack of commercials, anybody may quickly and easily download the movies they choose.

Wrapping Up

Everything on the Internet doesn’t arrive for free, but we have prioritized your legal safety and saved your precious bucks by procuring an extensive list of legal and free movie download sites for mobile. We hope our article helped you download and store your favorite movies and TV series on your hard drive, and feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know your precious suggestions if any. Cheers!!

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