The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover screen is now fully usable as your main display, thanks to a developer

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is currently one of the most popular foldable flagship phones available. Both the latest-generation Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 have been extremely successful. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is by far the most affordable foldable device with superior performance. However, it lacks the external display found on the expensive model Galaxy Z Fold 3. Despite the smaller cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, it’s still useful.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be fully operated using the cover screen. Jagan2, an XDA-Recognized Developer, has developed CoverScreen OS for the fully functional mini phone. The new mod from developer jagan2 allows Galaxy Z Flip3 users to access a full app drawer menu, widgets, launch apps, and take actions from notifications. You can access everything from the cover screen without opening the flip, which is awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be fully operated with the cover screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be fully operated with the cover screen

In any case, this new mod is a cool and out-of-the box thing that is useful for one-handed users or those who want easy access to their Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphones in an emergency. Users of CoverScreen OS can also adjust the screen orientation to portrait or landscape whenever desired. It also offers quick access to Samsung Pay for easy payments.  


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