Ghost Of Tsushima Players Seem To Love The Side Activities

Ghost Of Tsushima players seem to be having a great time liberating the island of Tsushima from the Mongol invasion as a badass samurai. It’s also the fastest-selling original PlayStation IP, selling 2.4 million copies in three days. The game has now been out for 10 days.

Ghost Of Tsushima Players Love Stand-Offs

So, developer Sucker Punch has released some fun bits of data that showcase how the players have been playing the game. One of the coolest things in the game is the ability to engage in stand-offs with enemies. You simply walk up to a camp and push the button prompt to take on the enemies one-on-one.

Ghost Of Tsushima players have apparently done this 156.4 million times. They’ve also engaged in 57.5 million duels and caused 139.4 million enemies to collapse in fear of the Ghost.

Ghost Of Tsushima
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Relaxing In A Hot Spring And Playing Music Is Just As Popular

Combat isn’t all that there is to do in the game, though. There are plenty of side activities throughout the island of Tsushima. Going from place to place quickly requires you to jump on horseback, though. So, understandably, players have spent 810.3 years on horseback.

Music and relaxation seem to be quite popular among Ghost Of Tsushima players. They’ve taken a dip at 16.2 million Onsen as a collection, written 14.2 million Haiku and played 28.1 million songs on their flute. There are tons of other activities for players to engage in. They seem to be taking advantage of it, too.

Ghost Of Tsushima Foxes
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Ghost Of Tsushima Players Need To Pet More Foxes

They’ve collectively completed 17.1 million bamboo strikes and honored 37.5 million Inari shrines. Strangely enough, despite the number of shrines they’ve honors, players have only pet 8.8 million foxes in total.

Considering the fact that foxes are the ones who lead you to the shrines, this seems criminally low. What isn’t criminally low is the number of photos that players have taken, though. The game is quite a sight to behold, and it has a photo mode that knows it. So, the 15.5 million photos that players have taken makes a lot of sense.

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