Google Accidentally Sends Verizon-specific Android 12 Update to Some Users Worldwide

Google released the stable Android 12 build for Pixel phones a few weeks back, and since then, many users have upgraded their devices to the latest Android OS version. But now, several users who already have upgraded to Android 12 are receiving an OTA notification to update their devices to Android 12. The update notification has been sent to many people, and now it turns out that the update is a Verizon version of Android 12.

Users having Pixel 5 and older devices running Android 12 accidentally received a software update telling them to upgrade to Android 12 — again. Several users came to Reddit and Twitter to complain about this weird OTA update on their Pixel. Everyone was clueless until it was discovered that the new build number matched the Verizon build number. According to a Pixel 4 user who installed this update, the build number of the OS changed from SP1A.211105.002/7743617 to SP1A.211105.002.A1/7807550.

Google Has Resolved the Issue, Asks Users to Disregard It

There is currently no clear explanation for why this Verizon-only Android 12 update was rolled out to users worldwide. But it’s being guessed that the Verizon software rollout is going a little bit wider than intended, and has been pushed to users worldwide, instead. However, now the update notifications have reportedly started disappearing from the users’ phones.

Google Accidentally Sends Verizon-specific Android 12 Update to Some Users Worldwide

After users reported the issue online, Google has responded on Reddit that they were sorry for the alert users received. The search giant said they have resolved this issue and told users to disregard it. In a follow-up with 9to5Google, Google said there should be “no” impact for people who have installed the new OTA. The company said that a future update would return such users’ devices to the correct carrier build.

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