Google Might Have Accidentally Shared a Photo from Google Pixel 5a, It’s Not Dead Yet

There’s a lot of rumors around the existence of Google Pixel 5a with some saying it is a deal while some say it isn’t. Apparently, the Google Pixel 5a may not be dead or canceled as all as Google accidentally shared a photo captured on Google Pixel 5a. This further cements its existence. 

The image was found in a photo album linked to a blog post that discusses HDR+ with bracketing on Pixel devices. According to the reports, we could confirm that the image was captured on a Pixel 5a on October 1, 2020, using an older version of Google Camera and an early Android software build. The image has a resolution of 4032×3024 which sums up to a 12.2MP sensor and it is indeed an ultrawide snapper with f/2.2 aperture and a focal length equivalent of 16mm.

The not-so-canceled Pixel 5a is expected to get a dual-camera setup and will support HDR+ with bracketing which was the topic that sparked the device into existence. Paying close attention to the details that the software used is an early build, a retail release would be far more spectacular and that goes with saying. 

Google might have shared a photo from the Pixel 5a, it’s not dead yet

Google Pixel 5a to pack in Snapdragon 765G

Well, the recent Android 12 Developer Preview 3 brings a bucket load of features and hidden precursors to the upcoming features and products. Apparently, there’s a mention of a device with codename “barbet” which is used for Pixel 5a and it is using “sm7250” which is a codename used for Snapdragon 765G.

The reason why Google could be using a chipset from last year is because of the ongoing shortage of chips. In fact, Google did mention that the Google Pixel 5a will be released in limited countries only.

Other specifications that could be included are a 6.2-inch FHD display, a dual-camera setup at the back with a primary, and an ultrawide snapper. The device could carry a price tag of around $400 in-line with Pixel 4a although we still have to wait for the official confirmation. 

Google has scheduled its next Google I/O Developer Event between May 18 and 20 and Google Pixel 5a will likely be one of the products to be unveiled. 

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