Google resolves a bug in Google Assistant that prevents emergency calls in Android Automotive

Google has reportedly fixed a bug that prevented the Google Assistant in Android Automotive from calling emergency services via voice. According to a reports, the Mountain View-based search giant recently found a bug in Assistant on Android Automotive, which prevented users from making emergency calls using voice. Now, the company is rolling out a fix to the said bug for vehicles with built-in Google infotainment.

Google said, “We understand the vital importance of our users being able to call first responders in case of emergencies. We discovered recently that Assistant-enabled emergency calling stopped working in some vehicles with Google infotainment built in. We have rolled out an immediate fix to resume emergency calling via Google Assistant.”

Google Has Released an Update to the Assistant App

With Android Automotive, users can control more car capabilities with just their voice. However, a bug present in the Assistant app on Android Automotive prevented the Assistant from making an emergency call via voice. However, Google spotted it on time and has now rolled out a fix via an update to the Assistant app for Android Automotive. The update will roll out automatically over the next few days, but you can check for it manually by going to the Android Automotive’s Play Store.

The emergency calling fix comes with Assistant version 13.0.92.RC13 or higher. So, if your car is also affected by this bug then you can head to the Play Store in your Android Automotive to download the latest version of Google Assistant. The emergency calling via voice capability might come very handy when you cannot use the touchscreen for some reason, especially during an accident.

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