Google Assistant Broadcast now Available on Android and iOS

One of the most popular and widely used Google Assistant features is its ability to use Speakers and Smart Displays as an Intercom system. The company has now updated the Assistant Broadcasts so they can appear on Android and iOS.

To begin with, users need to tell Google Assistant on their speaker or smart display to send a voice message. If you want to broadcast a message to your family group, say, “Hey Google, broadcast this to my family,” and Assistant will instantly play the message on all of your devices at home.

Google sends a notification on your device once someone broadcasts a message to the family with the notification being a shortcut to Google Assistant. Users can clearly see who replied to the message along with a “Reply to family” shortcut.

Google Assistant Broadcast now available on Android and iOS
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Previously, Mobile Broadcasts only worked by sending a message from a phone and were answerable only from an Assistant-enabled device at home. The update expands on the feature set of the tool, making it an easily accessible voice messaging system.

In another update, Family Bells, a feature that rings several devices at once, can now be stopped by simply saying “Stop” instead of triggering Assistant using the Hey Google and then triggering the command. However, It is currently available only in Hindi. Google said they will add support for French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Hindi, and Korean in the near future.



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