Google is working on a built-in Bluetooth Tracker Detector feature on Android, reportedly

As the title suggests, Google is trying to implement a built-in Bluetooth Tracker Detector feature directly into the Android operating system rather than offering a separate tracker device. While Apple is the industry-first to bring a Bluetooth tracking device called ‘AirTags’, there are some issues with the tiny device to be using and track items or people whatsoever.

Whereas Google is working on the Bluetooth tracking detection capability for Android devices so that the users can easily detect and locate not-so-familiar trackers around them. According to 9to5Google, a recent APK teardown has shown strings of codes in its Google Play Services platform that indicates the Bluetooth-tracker detection feature.

The latest version (v22.12.13) basically includes strings for ‘Unfamiliar device alerts’ and ‘Unfamiliar Tag Detected Notification’ that can be useful to the users in the upcoming future. Additionally, there are some other strings mentioned like ‘ATag’, ‘Finder tag’, ‘Tile tag’, etc. This eventually suggests that this specific Android feature will be able to detect the tracking devices even from Apple and Tile. Finger-crossed!

Google is working on a built-in Bluetooth Tracker Detector feature on Android, reportedly

The report also suggests that Google has started working on the tracker-detection feature for Android in mid-March and initially it will be in the early stages of development for sure. As of now, no one has reported or claimed about the update rollout on their devices yet. So, we’re expecting that it’ll take some time to arrive in the market or beta testers.

Whereas some leaks are coming out that the feature might gonna be included in the upcoming Android 13 update. Still, there is no specific info available yet on whether the feature will arrive in Android 13 Developer Preview or Public Beta builds. It may also be possible that it will come in the official stable rollout.

It seems that the Bluetooth-specific devices and trackers do have a lot of potential since Apple did release its AirTags. Obviously, the Android userbase is widespread and it can quickly grow up in the market. While multiple reports we’ve already gone through where Apple’s AirTags users have complained about plenty of privacy or accessibility issues something as stealing and stalking.

Though Apple has addressed this issue with the release of the iOS 15.4 update recently along with the ‘Tracker Detect’ app for Android, still there may be some issues with the physical device.

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