Google Discontinued Android Auto app for mobile devices

The tech-giant Google did introduce Android Auto back in 2015 for using maps, GPS navigation, and music playback on cars. The company implemented both the in-built car infotainment system and mobile application of Android Auto so that most of the users can start using it without losing concentration. But it seems that Google discontinued the Android Auto mobile application officially and now you won’t be able to use it on mobile devices.

The best part is that company will now completely focus on the Android Auto program for the in-car infotainment system which is most important. Though Google stopped pushing car-optimized UI features and changes in the Android Auto mobile app for a couple of years, the overall UI was quite similar for mobile devices.

As the Android Auto mobile app is incompatible with the latest stable Android 12 OS, plenty of users did receive a message on the screen that the Android Auto app for phones will become obsolete soon. Now, the official announcement has arrived that Google has stopped supporting it and no matter which device you’re using, the mobile app won’t gonna work anymore.

A New Google Assistant Driving Mode is here

Well, it seems that Google has implemented the Google Assistant Driving Mode as an alternative to the Android Auto mobile app. Those who’re really used to the mobile app of Android Auto can start using the Google Assistant Driving Mode from now on. So, users don’t need to wait longer to get a better alternative.

It’s worth mentioning that the new Assistant Driving Mode mobile app is offering the same user interface with slightly bigger elements on the screen so the users can see on-screen things clearly without any distractions.

However, we should say that there are a couple of drawbacks of the Google Assistant Driving Mode mobile app right now that might get improved in the upcoming months. Currently, there is no app icon available for the users. That means users may find it difficult to search the app from the app drawer. Make sure to open Google Assistant and say “Hey Google, launch Driving Mode”.

Whereas the driving mode app can’t be used in the landscape mode right now which is also a big disadvantage. Additionally, the full-app experience isn’t available yet. So, we’ll have to wait further to get more improvements and fixes soon. Till then, stay tuned.

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