Google Discover Gets a Facelift on Android 12

Google Discover is getting a facelift on-board Android 12. It is one of the most used products from search engine giant Google. The company keeps updating its UI to put forth the best and smooth viewing experience for its users. There’s a new change that Google decided to roll out with the Discover app on Android 12 as of now. 

The new change includes aligned the Google logo at the center since it is usually on the left side of the screen. Also, the colorful Google logo is gone and now, it is replaced by a single tone gray-colored logo for the light theme and a white-colored logo for the dark theme.

Android 12 is still rolling out as a developer preview version on Pixel devices. Given the fact that it is still away from its first beta update, the fate of the UI test as mentioned above remains dangling as it is possible that Google might not roll it out at all. This is a subtle change and not a huge change although Google keeps on adding these tiny UI changes and more to refine the user experience.

Google Discover gets a redesign UI on Android 12

What is Google Discover?

Even if millions of people are using it daily, there’s a possibility that some of you don’t even know what Google Discover is or how it works.

Google Discover uses a new form of content discovery which is queryless. You don’t have to search anything, Google Discover takes your location, search, and web activity among others to suggest topics that might interest you. This isn’t just a few links but rather an outlet of videos, photos, search results, and more on separate cards that you can swipe away if not interested. Google Discover actually learns about your behavior and usage and shows content accordingly. 

You can still control what amount of user data Google Discover can use to uncover interesting cards. Moreover, all the search results and cards on Google Discover are personal and thus, others will have different content based on their user data. The app gets smarter as and when it knows more about the user suggesting topics of pure interest while ditching those content that annoys you. 

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