Google Drive update helps easily categorize your shared content

When it comes to productivity tools, Google is undoubtedly the king of all. The company offers free products such as Google Drive, Slides, Docs, and Sheets.

Most of them are free to use and used by billions of people from every corner of the globe. But when it comes to Google Drive, keeping track of some files can be somewhat tricky. It gets trickier when you think about shared content. But it seems Google knew this and has updated the Drive, making it quite easy to categorize shared content.

Google Drive update helps easily categorize your shared content

The tech giant Google has added the ability to customize the colors of folders as well as shortcuts in the shared drive folder. This ability was previously limited to the personal section of Google Drive. It will surely help you to manage all your shared files easily. Having said that, such small quality of life changes do help users a lot, especially those who have a long list of shared files.

If you are someone who shares files on Google Drive on a daily basis, you might use the feature quite often. Various projects can now be color-coded, making it easy to keep track of all the changes. The update is coming to all Workspaces and G Suite users. Personal accounts are also getting the upgrade. However, it looks like Google will be slowly rolling out the feature, so you might have to wait a few days before you can notice the changes. The company says users might have to wait up to fifteen days before the changes are reflected on their Google account.


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