Google Fi now offers end-to-end encryption for its calls

In a nutshell, Google Fi offers mobile broadband and telephone calling via cellular and Wi-Fi networks and is a telecommunications service brought to you by Google. The Google Fi network basically uses networks operated by T-Mobile and US cellular in the USA. According to an announcement on Google Blog, Google Fi calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption for a more private and secure experience.

Despite Google Fi’s commitment to making things safe and personal, it takes an extra step to keep your conversations private. Now you may ask, what exactly is end-to-end encryption? In simple terms, it is a security feature that doesn’t collect data from you that you do from your end, such as calling, messaging, etc. So, End-to-end encryption is an industry-standard for real-time communications such as messaging, and now Google is bringing it to phone calls directly from your Phone app.

Google Fi calls between two Android phones will be secure enough with end-to-end encryption by default. As a result, you can feel secure while making calls with Google Fi. With a Google Fi plan, end-to-end encryption is the latest addition to a list of privacy and security features that come at no extra cost. So, it’ll be more beneficial with the built-in VPN for a private online connection and blocking spam to stop unwanted calls

Google Blog

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