Google’ foldable smartphone might come with a disappearing under-display camera sensor

Google recently filed a 23 page long patent for a new type of camera. The company has patented a disappearing under-display camera that might make its way to the next version of the foldable Pixel smartphone.

It looks like the under-screen camera is positioned opposite to the second small screen, along with a prism or mirror in between. Whenever the camera is called upon, the prism swings and reveals the sensor. When it is no longer needed, the prism covers the camera, making the display look seamless.

The size of the in-display camera is somewhere between 2mm to 3mm. Another sensor beside the camera might be a proximity sensor, IR sensor, or ambient sensor. If Google decides to include an IR sensor, it can be used for biometric authentication, such as face detection.

Google' foldable smartphone might come with a disappearing under-display camera sensor

Why Google decided to ditch biometric face scanning in Pixel 5 when it was available in Pixel 4 is still unclear. Having said that, since this is just a patent, it is highly unlikely Google will incorporate it in the Google Pixel 6 slated to come out later this year. Pixel 7 seems to be the perfect candidate for the new feature.

According to sources, Samsung is also working on an under-display camera for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3, unveiled later this year. The second half of 2021 is when many smartphone manufacturers will improve on their existing under-display camera technology.



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