Google is Working on Guacamole Feature That Lets You Use Quick Voice Commands without ‘Hey Google’

Google Assistant lets users do a myriad of tasks without actually taking the phone in their hands. It just takes a few voice commands and bingo, Google Assistant will do it for you. Apparently, Google is secretly working on a Google Assistant feature called “Guacamole” available within the Google app. The feature is attuned towards allowing users to do time-sensitive tasks such as stopping or silencing an alarm or answering a call and so on.

Google Assistant upcoming Guacamole Feature

As you might have guessed, these quick tasks using the Guacamole feature don’t require a wakeup command like “Hey Google” or “OK Google”. Apparently, this feature has been in the works since Google app v12.8 update that arrived in early March. Google masked it perfectly so that no one could decompile it and that is where the folks at 9to5Google come into play.

They literally picked apart the Google app v12.8 APK file to find out lines of code that could hint at possible future updates and features. That is where Google Assistant’s Guacamole feature was highlighted.

Google is working on Guacamole feature for quick voice commands

According to the report, Google continued developing the feature internally for weeks. Later, a settings page was picked up by a tech website showcasing Guacamole in the Google app beta v12.5. The feature was spotted on software running on Android 11 and no the Android 12 Developer Preview versions available right now.

In any case, users can check out Guacamole in Google Assistant settings. Once enabled, it lets users do quick tasks using voice commands. This includes Snooze or Stop an alarm, decline or answer a call, and so on without the hassle of speaking a wake-up command.

A similar feature to stop alarms was seen on Nest Hub as well. As it goes without saying, the Guacamole feature is under internal testing and available for Googlers only. Perhaps the leaked screenshot was meant for Googlers but it was leaked somehow giving a peek into the feature.

It is to be noted that even though a feature is under development, there isn’t 100 percent surety that the feature will ship, sometimes they don’t. So, until the Guacamole feature rolls out, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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