Google has recently released the ‘Protected by Android’ tagline with its integrated security features

The internet giant Google is competing really hard with the Cupertino giant Apple when it comes to the system security & privacy for the Android device users. Apple is quite ahead in such a field where Apple product users are aware of the privacy & security factors. Recently Google has released a video on YouTube with the ‘Protected by Android’ tagline.

It includes the necessary and improved privacy or security elements on Android OS, especially on the latest Android 13 operating system. Due to the open-source platform, Android users may find some issues with the app permissions or privacy or security enhancements previously. However, Google has done a pretty remarkable job since the release of Android 11 till now.

Providing the Privacy Dashboard feature, status bar indicators, precise location permission, unwanted app permissions, spam calls or text messages, malicious webpage blocks, Google Play Protect feature, etc has improved the user experience a lot. Google is trying to remind you of all of these security and privacy features that are present in the latest generation of Android OS. It means Android fans or users can rely on privacy without any second thought.

If you’re one of the Google Pixel device users or have the latest Android OS on your flagship handset then you should know that Google is always ahead in pushing the monthly security patch updates. So, the amount of security & privacy atmosphere around Android users has become bigger. A new video has been uploaded recently on Android’s official YouTube channel which is all about you being ‘Protected by Android’. You can see the video below.

However, in terms of the real-life usage experience, we’re still expecting a lot of improvements and additions from Google because there are plenty of aspects that still Android users may encounter. Some device users in some regions or depending on the carrier platforms may not be able to receive frequent and faster software updates.

Android users still can download and install applications from unknown sources or non-verified links which can eventually trigger multiple issues with the virus, malware, data breaching, etc. While Google should also work with other OEMs closely to provide better user data privacy because some Chinese OEMs are still taking benefits of leaking user data online. Only then the Google’s green privacy shield logo will be justified among every user.

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