Google I/O 2021: Here’s What to Expect from Google’s Developer Conference

Google’s developer conference I/O 2021 is round the corner and we are already having our glimpse of what to expect from the event. Yesterday, Google posted a schedule of I/O 2021, and now we know the annual developer conference will begin on May 18, starting with CEO Sundar Pichai keynote. Although the company doesn’t reveal the full I/O sessions list beforehand, we have some information on what we could be seeing on-stage. Check out what to expect from the Google I/O 2021 conference next month.

“What’s New” Event

Google has given a set time to the “What’s new” events on the schedule, and these are classified as “Keynotes” this year. Besides, there are several other “What’s new” videos that are categorized as “Sessions.” The keynotes are expected to include Android, web platform, Google Play, Google Assistant, Machine Learning, ChromeOS, Google Pay, ARCore, smart home, and more. Further, the sessions include Android Accessibility, Android testing tools, Wear (Wear Os), Search, Android/Google TV, Jetpack, design tools, and more.

Google I/O 2021: Here's What to Expect from Google's Developer Conference

Workshops, Learning Lab, and More

Apart from the keynotes and sessions, Google I/O 2021 will bring interactive “Workshops” where instructors will walk you through code labs. This will also include Q&A along with Ask Me Anything Sessions. The Learning Lab will act as home to workshops, demos, lessons, tutorials, and resources.

Wear: Google Drops “OS” from Wear OS

There’s currently one session in Google I/O 2021 called “Now is the time: What’s new with Wear.” And there’s a “Create your first Tile in Wear” workshop, both suggesting the removal of “OS” from “Wear OS.” This means that from now on, Wear OS by Google will be called “Wear” only. The tech giant is expected to make more announcements for its smartwatch platform.

New Look for Android 12 Widgets

Multiple sessions are meant to discuss various changes and developments in Android 12. One of them includes a session called “Refreshing widgets.” Android 12 DP3 revealed that the widgets will have rounded corners. But now, Google has revealed that “Widgets are getting a new look in Android 12.” This means that a lot of developments are being done to Widgets in the upcoming Android OS version.

Google Assistant and Android

Lastly, there’s a session for Assistant and Android where you can learn “how to easily add voice capabilities to your Android app with Google Assistant.” Google encourages app developers to integrate Assistant with their Android apps. In this particular session, you will learn how you can guide users into your app with a voice command using App Actions.

Since the Google I/O 2021 developer conference is less than a month away, we will see a lot more during the event. Stay tuned with us to keep yourself updated.

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