Google Maps’ “Choose on Map” Feature Breaks on iOS After an Update, Stops Working on iPhones

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation services in the world, and it’s not just used on Android, but it’s even used by many iPhone users. However, the Google Maps app on iOS is currently facing issues with the “Choose on Map” feature, according to some iPhone users. As per the user reports, the Choose on Map feature is not working on iPhones accurately.

According to the reports, (via Reddit, Google support forum), after updating the Google Maps app for iOS to version 5.85, users are unable to use the Choose on Map feature. When they try choosing a starting point on the map by placing the pin, it just gets randomly placed on the map at some other location and not exactly where they mark it. The problem appears to be there since version 5.83 and continues to stay even in the Maps v5.86.

Google Maps' "Choose on Map" Feature Breaks on iOS After an Update, Stops Working on iPhones

Google Maps on iOS Doesn’t Let Users Choose a Starting Point

Google Maps offers many useful features through its Android and iOS apps such as real-time traffic updates, ETA, helps in finding local businesses and services on the way, and more. One of such features that the app provides is “Choose on Map,” a feature that allows users to choose a starting point for their journey by placing the pin on a place. However, a new update to the iOS app has reportedly broken this feature, and users are unable to use it. In user’s own words:

After setting a destination, if you want to change the starting point, there is the option to “choose on map,” you can then place the pin wherever you want. When you then get directions, the place where you selected is now just some random place on the map, not where you placed the mark.

As said before, some users say that this feature has not been working since the version 5.83 update. Meanwhile, some users also report that the bug has not been fixed even in the latest version 5.86 update. Notably, this issue seems to be there on only the iOS app, as Android users haven’t reported such a problem on their phones. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t yet acknowledged this problem, but we hope it fixes the issue soon.

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