Google Maps ‘Dock to bottom’ feature is being tested on desktop for quicker location access

Google Maps is now testing a new ‘Dock to bottom’ feature on the desktop that seems to work like a favorites bar for your most visited locations. So, that you can easily quickly access those visited locations without searching too much. Thanks to XDA for sharing the details about it (spotted by Search Engine Roundtable). It looks like that Google is testing a new ‘Dock to bottom’ toggle that will appear with a location card. It basically adds a small docked icon in the larger map view for quick access.

For those who’re looking for multiple locations or planning to cover a trip with multiple locations, then this could be a timesaver because you won’t need to search the visited locations again. It’s useful to access the dock in ChromeOS with the added ability to remove the location at any point. By just clicking a location using the ‘Dock to bottom’ option, Google Maps will quickly open locations.

It seems that the ‘Dock to bottom’ toggle has been appearing to the users online quite randomly. However, it’s quite unclear that whether the feature will go widespread or not. Currently, it’s under the testing phase and may take some time. Bookmarking the locations will be just as easier as bookmarking the web URLs.

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