Google Maps Reportedly Adds Railroad Crossing Alerts During Navigation

Google Maps is the world’s largest map search engine and is used by almost every smartphone user on the planet. The service from Google not just shows locations or helps is just getting around, but also helps users find nearby businesses, attractions, and even live traffic data. But now, the maps service has allegedly started showing railroad crossings too. Google Maps is now reported to show railroad crossing alerts to users during navigation.

According to a report from AutoEvolution, Google has gradually started rolling out the new feature for a while now. Some Reddit users have noticed that during navigation, Google Maps now shows railroad crossings along your route. Reportedly, when a user approaches a railroad crossing on their selected route, a new banner pops up saying “Expect delays.” However, Google hasn’t officially announced this new development as of now.

Railroad Crossing Alerts on Google Maps

Google Maps Reportedly Adds Railroad Crossing Alerts During Navigation
Image courtesy: Reddit

A Reddit user has shared an image that clearly shows a notification that informs of an expected delay due to a railroad crossing. As per the image, the notification has appeared in Madison, Wisconsin where two different railroad crossings affect the same route. However, we don’t know whether these alerts were really detected by Google Maps or triggered by users reporting the crossing as being active. Or maybe just triggered by crossings that often cause delays on that route. But in any case, the new information is a potential tool for users who may be unfamiliar with an area.

Back in August 2020, Waze had rolled out this functionality to cut down accidents due to railroad crossings. This happens especially where the crossings are unmarked. So, Google is also adding this functionality in its product to offer the same feature in Maps. Most likely, the search engine giant is pulling the data from Waze to offer this feature. If the reports are true, you may soon receive this feature through an update.

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