Google Maps Starts Rolling Out Dark Mode / Theme for Android

Google has been releasing dark modes to all of its apps since 2019 and most of the apps have already received it. Google Maps was one such app that was somehow left behind, but now the tech giant has started rolling out night mode for this as well. The tech giant had recently announced the feature for Android. Now, dark mode or dark theme is being rolled out by Google Maps for Android globally and it applies to both the map layer and menus.

Google Maps Starts Rolling Out Dark Mode / Theme for Android

The dark theme on Google Maps for Android brings interesting design changes, including a pitch-black ocean, buttons with raised shadows, and more. The latest version of the app now provides three options for the theme — Always in light theme, Always in dark theme, and Same as device theme. As the names suggest, you can select any one of these options for your desired choice by using the Maps app on your Android phone. While the oceans are displayed pitch dark, the overall map in night mode is depicted blue.

Google Maps Dark Mode and How to Use It

Google Maps Starts Rolling Out Dark Mode / Theme for Android

If you have an updated version of the Google Maps app on your Android then you should receive an introductory prompt when you first open the app. However, if you don’t receive the prompt, you can control/change your theme from Settings » Theme. If you choose the “Always in dark theme” option then your Maps app will activate the dark mode permanently. Of course, you can switch back to the light theme using the same method. However, if you select the “Same as device theme” option then Google Maps will follow the theme settings of your device’s system.

 Why this dark mode? Dark mode or dark theme is meant to provide users’ eyes a much-needed break and help conserve battery life. Especially helpful during the nighttime, the dark theme (also called night mode) reduces the stress on your eyes. The feature for Google Maps was first spotted in late September S part of server-side testing. It was then received by only a handful of users. But now, the tech giant has already started rolling it out for a wider range of users globally. Once you receive this, you’ll be greeted with a “New! Maps in dark theme” prompt that shows three above-mentioned options for the theme.

Google Maps Starts Rolling Out Dark Mode / Theme for Android

It is worth noting that the feature is expanding to all Android users globally, but there is currently no status for iOS. So if you’re an Android phone user and want to try out the new dark theme on Google Maps, just head over to the Maps settings to activate the dark mode.

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