Google mentions Chrome OS users are more engaging with Android apps every year

We’ve already seen Android 12L recently that’s carefully developed and designed for bigger display devices. Google is aggressively moving towards providing the improved user experience of using Android and its apps on bigger screens. Google has recently mentioned that Chrome OS users are more engaging with Android apps every year which is close to a 50% hike.

This Chromebook YoY (Year-over-Year) metric is specifically mentioned in internal Google data from 2020-2021 that counts the “number of users engaging with Android apps”. It indicates that the Chrome OS in May grew 92% over the last year which is ‘five times the rate of the PC market’. Eventually, Chrome OS becomes one of the fastest-growing OS in the market right now.

In another word, Google is appreciating that “people are craving their favorite smartphone experiences on large-screen devices.” every year which is a big change in the mobile or Android industry. Now, the Android OS experience and Android apps aren’t limited to smartphones or tablet devices. It’s seriously expanding its market on bigger screen devices too like Chromebooks, Android TVs, etc.

Google has previously shared the details in October 2019 that Chrome OS users have started spending more time on Android apps too which has grown around 4X over the year. Chromebooks have dedicated Android apps and Google Play Store options which have increased user interaction over the past two years. Meanwhile, Google is indicating that more and more dedicated tablets are arriving in the upcoming future.

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