Google might remove Swiping Gestures from upcoming Pixel Buds A

Google is that one company that cannot seem to hold its secrets. The Mountain View-based company is infamous for leaking information on its upcoming products and services every once in a while.

With Google I/O coming up soon, we expect some sort of information about the upcoming Google Pixel Buds A to pop up on the internet.

Having said that, the popular website 9to5Google speculates that Google might remove the best feature from the Pixel Buds 2nd Generation. Taking a look inside this week’s Pixel Buds app update, the website reports that the app distinguishes between two types of Pixel Buds.

Google might remove gestures from Pixel Buds A

The code refers to two types of Buds, one with forward and backward gestures and one without it. Since the 2nd generation of Pixel Buds already has this feature, it might point towards the upcoming A-series buds.

If Google decides to remove those gestures on the upcoming Pixel Buds A, it might be because the company wants to save on some money here and there. The removal of gestures might also mean that the touchpads on the Pixel Buds A may not be as good as the 2nd generation of Pixel Buds.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the 2nd generation Pixel Buds, Google has included highly accurate and sensitive touchpads on the product. It lets users perform various actions such as control the volume, trigger Google assistant and even change songs. Since the A series Pixel models are a toned-down and cheaper version of the regular phone, Google might do the same with the A series Pixel Buds.

The best thing about the 2nd generation Pixel Buds is the gestures, and Google ditching the feature entirely and opting for a tap sensor would definitely hurt the overall experience. But Google may be forced to do so to make the Pixel Buds A pocket friendly.



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