Google Original Chips (Potato) released in Japan to promote Pixel 6’s Tensor chip

Earlier this year, Google has started showcasing their upcoming Pixel 6 lineup with a couple of hints, leaks, new overall design, and more apart from Google’s new Tensor chipset. Now, the launch date is coming near which is expected on October 19, 2021. Meanwhile, a limited number of Google Original Chips of Potato has been released in Japan to basically promote Pixel 6’s Tensor chip.

According to recent news from Android Authority, Google has produced 10,000 units of potato chip packets that will be delivered to 1,000 lucky people by lottery. Google has officially created a new webpage for distributing a limited number of potato chip packets to the users on a first-come & first-served basis. But Google has mentioned that due to the increased popularity, they’ll give the chips packet via lottery.

Google has also released a TV commercial for the upcoming Google Pixel 6 apart from the Google Original Potato Chips advertisement on Google Japan YouTube channel. As per the new webpage of the potato chips,

Google’s new smartphone (Google Pixel 6) will be out this fall. Prior to the launch of Google’s first smartphone equipped with genuine & freshly-made chips (Tensor chipset), we have prepared “genuine chips” that allow you to experience its appeal as soon as possible.

The webpage also consists of all the color options for the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and indicates the same range of color options for the potato chips packet too which is interesting though. You’ll get an ‘Apply’ option to get one of the lucky winners of the potato chips packet. Needless to say that the webpage also introduces Google’s Tensor processor that Google has developed (completely manufactured in-house).

However, the company didn’t mention anything specific about the Tensor chipset performance or specifications on this page. Some people are expecting that Google should come to the USA to promote the same chips packet.

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