Google Photos’ New Movie Maker Lets Users Create Theme-Based Movies

Google is one of those companies that consistently work on improving its existing products and introducing new features. The latest addition from the Mountain View-based company enables Google Photos users to create a movie based on themes. Over the last few years, Google Photos has gained massive popularity due to its simplistic design and ease of use.

Apart from being just an app to view pictures, Google Photos can group photos based on various factors such as faces, places, occasions, or things. The AI can easily categorize most of the pictures on the device, making photo management really easy. The latest addition to Google Photos lets users make movies based on certain themes such as Mother’s Day. Memorial day or selfies.

Google Photos' new Movie Maker lets users create theme-based movies

Google Movie Maker

The Movie Maker feature is the latest addition to the already impressive feature list the app has to offer. There are numerous themes you can choose from to make a theme-based movie. Some of the common themes include cats, dogs, and selfie movies. Moreover, users can also make event-based movies such as Mother’s Day or Christmas.

How to create theme based movies using Google Photos?

  • Launch Google Photos on your smartphone
  • Tap the Library icon found on the bottom right.
  • Select Utilities and proceed to select the movie option.
  • The Movie option lets you select from a list of themes such as selfies, Fathers Day, dogs, cats, etc.
  • Google Photos will now ask the user to select the subject of the movie.
  • The processing will automatically begin in the background.
  • Users will get a notification once the movie is complete.

The app comes pre-installed on most Android devices and is automatically updated on most of them. It is also one of the most popular apps on the Apple App Store. If you are not able to see the Movie Maker feature, make sure you are running the latest version of the app.


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