Google Photos on iOS Becomes Slow and Barely Usable After a New Update, Reported Users

While the Google Photos app is quite popular on Android as it comes pre-installed, it is also available for iOS users on iPhone. But unfortunately, for the past two weeks or so, iPhone users have been facing difficulty using Google Photos after a recent update. According to the reports on Reddit [123] and Google’s community forum, the Google Photos app on iOS has turned unusably slow and laggy after updating it to its latest version.

Google keeps on releasing new updates to its Photos app to add new features and improvements, but it sometimes also brings bugs that trouble users while they use the app. The latest update to the Photos app on iOS (version 5.67) has rendered the app useless for most users, as it keeps lagging and, in some cases, it crashes. Affected users have been reporting the lag issues, but Google does not seem to acknowledge it.

Google Photos on iOS Becomes Slow and Barely Usable After a New Update, Reported Users

Troubleshooting Doesn’t Fix the Lag Issue

By looking at the iPhone users’ reports, it’s clear that the lag issue has been caused by the recent app update. Users say that the Photos app freezes and lags, and makes it hard for them to scroll through it or use its basic features. They say that the app has become extremely unusable, and they don’t know what to do about it. Even after performing troubleshooting steps like clearing cache/data, reinstalling the app, and turning off backups does not fix the issue.

However, in Google’s community forum, a product expert has asked users to report this bug directly to Google using the feedback option. You can find it under your profile circle in the Photos app on your iPhone. At the moment, Google does not seem to be aware of this issue, but we hope the tech giant issues a fix for this bug soon.

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