Google Photos Now Lets You Put Sensitive Images in Folder Lock

Google Photos is the ultimate cloud storage for your photos and videos and it will stay put for years to come. Google has been upgrading the Google Photos app for ages and a new feature update has just been released at the Google I/O Conference 2021 and it is a biggie.

The Folder Lock on Google Photos

Unlike many other apps available out there, Google Photos lacked the folder lock feature. It rather had abundant features including AI that detects faces and things and segregates them into categories and more. Cut to now, Google Photos is getting a safe vault called Folder Lock that was introduced at the Google I/O 2021.

Google Photos now lets you put sensitive images in Folder Lock

You can put all your sensitive photos in this vault on the cloud-based Google Photos app without any hassle. No one will be able to see that embarrassing photo or video or something that you would rather hide from others. It comes in handy in situations when someone else is viewing your photo gallery and you think that what if they scroll too far where you have images and videos that you would rather keep a secret.

Once you have included any photo or video in the Folder Lock, it won’t show up in the main feed as well as no other app could get access to it unless you authorize it. There is a tonne of other solutions such as AppLock available on the Google Play Store which are all called third-party apps. Even Files by Google app has a Safe Lock feature that keeps prying eyes on the sensitive photos and videos you might have.

You can either set up fingerprint biometrics for authorization as well as set up PIN or pattern that you can use as a last resort. Check out the Folder Lock feature in the Utilities section.

According to Google, the future is now releasing on Google Pixel devices (as usual). Other Android smartphones will get their hands on the feature as it releases throughout the year. This means there’s no fixed date as to when your non-Pixel devices get the update but rest assured, it will arrive soon. This is also because Google is prompt in adding new features and functionalities to its family of apps and Google Photos is no different.

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